“I’m Hannah. A nerdy, wedding loving, coffee fuelled designer.”

I started knockknockpennystudio whilst on maternity leave because I didn't want to go back to work so I thought it was time I stopped procrastinating and do something I love. So here is KNOCKKNOCKPENNY. I specialise in all things wedding design as I am still having withdrawals from my own wedding *sobs*.

I work from my studio ( …more accurately my IKEA desk and iMac). My little receptionist hasn’t quite got a handle on the phone (but she will give it a good chew) but other than that we're pretty professional 😉. I have a BA Hons in Graphic Design although I don't like to talk about as it brings back the nightmares of deadlines and Hermione Granger-esque stacks of folders.

From a glamorous day at a castle to walking to the church and a village hall or even a knees up at local pub. From just invitations to the full works - I want to get involved! 

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I love love love The Big Bang Theory if you hadn’t already guessed.

It makes me uncomfortable that my studios name has only two knocks but I am trying to fight my OCD. 

I married a Leonard. He stalked me for years until I FINALLY gave in.

We now have a little Penny.

We only have one bedroom so if this doesn’t work out Penny will be living under the stairs. This doesn’t worry me too much as I love Harry Potter and hopefully it will earn her a Hogwarts letter.

I'm now one of those people that share to many pictures of their baby on social media… but I haven't made her my profile picture yet so I consider that a win for my childless friends.

I have an escape plan for if The Walking Dead ever happens. Doesn’t everyone?

I love gangster rap / old school rnb.

I am obsessed with design, especially anything Norwegian or Scandinavian. If I’m in your house its more than likely I am rearranging your furniture and picking art for the wall in my head.

Don’t play a board game with me unless you are prepared to play it properly. I am a competitive nightmare and a stickler for the rules. I am a serious Monica from Friends in this sense.

I love Tea. People that don’t shouldn’t be trusted.

I cry at everything, especially at adverts with kids and old people. ‘The Notebook’ leaves me dehydrated.

I am happy to be a How to I do Supplier

I am happy to be a How to I do Supplier