Naming your tables

Photography by  Emma Boileau Photography  

Photography by Emma Boileau Photography 

Like everything with your wedding you will overthink it. The best thing to do when deciding things for you wedding is to stay true to your style as a couple whether thats low-key or high-end. You don't want to pretend to be something your not. At my wedding we didn't have a theme as such and my husband found the idea of naming the tables cringey as he doesn't really like to create attention to himself. So we opted for numbers - simple and another thing ticked off the list.

Don't try and 'be cool'. Pick something that means something to you and talks about who you are as a couple and if it just not for you just use numbers. Theres no point picking something that later you might regret. If you are set on having names and like I said do stay true to who you are as a couple but don't go too obscure.. make sure you think people will get it. You don't want awkward conversations at the table because no ones watched Peep Show.


Need some inspiration?

I have made a list of ideas to give you some inspiration.



Places that are important to you as a couple - Towns / Pubs / Countries.

Places you will go on your honeymoon.

Foreign language - Love in different languages or phrases.


TV, Music + Books

Favourite Films / Books / Characters

Famous Couples - Kim & Kanye / Fred & Ginger

Literary Couples - Mr Darcey & Elizabeth / Lancelot & Guinevere

Songs / Albums



Names of flowers

Bird names


Trail paths




Favourite Things

Sports People or Teams

Festivals / Events



Important Dates



The list really seems endless and I hope you can pick something that suits your DAY!

Hannah Wilkinson