Picking your Stationery

Picking the best match

Picking the best stationery to suit you.


Weddings can cost a lot and deciding where to spend your money can be difficult to manage. Pinterest has only made this harder with the amazing weddings you can see. I don't know about you but I planned a Pinterest wedding, sobbed a little and cancelled my plan of a Kimye flower wall and Justin Timberlake serenading me down the aisle (although in my head I thought maybe one of my bridesmaids would pull off the upgraded Gary Barlow style surprise with a well placed Tweet). 

So should you go for the minimum on your stationery and save the money for a Donut wall? Well, it's completely down to you and your priorities. The only advice I would give is that your stationery sets 'the tone' for your day. When the invite comes through the door... you want us women folk and even men folk to get excited and start picturing the day and planning out outfits not dreading another boring wedding, planning babysitters and an expensive present.

So bearing all this in mind don't just pick anything and really choose stationery that is going to suit the tone of your day and give everyone a glimpse of what to be excited for that suits your budget! 


Here is my guide to picking the perfect stationery for your day.




What to include?

If you want to keep it simple all you need is an invitation. It tells everyone the who, what, when and wheres. Alternatively you can create a whole suite that provides all the details guests might need like accommodation or travel details.


How to deliver?

Snail Mail

This is the good old fashioned way and who doesn't love getting happy post. This however will cost you to print and post them.



There is now a trend for sending paperless invites. An email that once you open it is your designed invite. This is great as it saves time and doesn't cost a lot plus its easy to RSVP. Something to consider with this though is how 'techie' your guests are - Does your grandma have an email address?


Wedding Website

A wedding website is a relatively new thing but it is really becoming popular. You can have one alongside your stationery or just direct people to it via Facebook if you're more low key. A wedding website allows you to have all the information you want and to collect RSVPs without the need for printed stationery. Consider your guests and if they are 'tech saavie' enough for this. I designed one for my wedding alongside my stationery and it was a great way to collate everything.


Need to give guests a little bit more notice?

Save the dates might be needed in addition to an invite. It gives everyone notice to save the date even if you haven't got everything else arranged yet. These are especially great for if you are having a destination wedding as you will need to give people more notice.



Please RSVP!

You will want everyone to RSVP so you can give the venue and caterers etc final numbers. Remember to include a date you want people to RSVP by so everyone doesn't leave it until the last minute.

Here are some of the ways to ask your guest to RSVP:


Informal - Phone number or email on the invitation.

Formal - By card included with invitation (you will need to decide if you want to provide postage stamps for these).

Modern - Via your wedding website.

IMG_5626 2.jpg



You may want to include details cards. These may be maps to the venue, travel information, accommodation details or even the gift list. 



To go bespoke or not to go bespoke?

The other options to consider is if you want to go bespoke or 'off the peg'. 'Of the peg' designs are just as gorgeous but they won't be unique to your wedding - although they can be semi personalised to you. Bespoke invitations can be designed to exactly match your day and to you as a couple.

If you have a smaller budget to stick to but you want to go bespoke maybe just have the main invitation or alternatively would you prefer more stationery but off the peg?




Finishing touches are a great way of making you bespoke work stand out even more but another wonderful thing about them if it allows you to make a bespoke set feel more special on a lower budget.



Whatever you choose or your budget as long as you keep to your theme or style everything will just look beautiful.


Hannah Wilkinson