The Florist

Every now and again you can feel a bit alone in business especially working from home and against the vast world of Instagram... but then one day you choose to talk to someone new and suddenly you're involved in something amazing.

I could be happier to be a part of this amazing group of women (and one lovely man) that took part in this styled shoot at my favourite Insta-styley restaurant.

The shoot was just what I imagined and it was amazing to be behind the scenes of something so F***ing COOL! Louise Griffin Photography you've just captured the feeling beyond my dreams.

The Florist is everything you dream of when you're styling a shoot. Its exposed walls, flower walls and OMG the Neons. 

For the stationery I wanted to keep it simple as the venue is so eclectic. White with Gold Foil to add that special touch and a leaf print wax stamp to compliment the leafy florals. This marbled wax gave it a fresh and modern look.

Florals were created by Michelle Anne Floristry.


Models Kim Sherbrooke and Pablo Matín were an absolute DREAM!!! Can you even believe they aren't a couple. I think all of us girls watching on were getting a bit hot under the collar with all that chemistry. It gave the shoot the best energy you could wish for.

The second look fittingly was BLUSH. The flowers and stationery were a mix of beautiful blush and white. This place setting has got to be one of my favourites. The textured paper, wax seal and beautiful silk ribbon from Silk and Purl just ooze romance. If you've met me you'll know romance is my THING. If i sense it i'm off after it.


One of the parts I was most excited for about this shoot was working with Charlotte Medford Hair. Charlotte was my hair dream when I got married. She actually listens to you and it comes out just like you've pinned all over that Pinterest board of Dreams. Everyone in bridal party loved her and still mention her 3 years later. She's laid back, fun and knows her s***! If you don't book her you are making a BIG mistake. Charlotte also has the dreamiest headpieces for you rent for your big day. The crown is just EVERYTHING!


This shoot was the perfect time to launch my new product! My Vow books are the perfect was to keep your vows forever as a keepsake and keep them looking pretty on camera. You can match them to your wedding stationery and there are lots of beautifyl ribbons to choose from.


Two make-up looks were created by the talented Laura-Louise Make-upI love the way these pictures capture the soft elegance of the first style and the pop of colour on the lips for the second look. 


And finally... there is Carol who put all of these amazing people together. Thank you so much for including me it such a dream of a day. Carol owns Bridal Reloved in Liverpool. If you've not been into her boutique please do because I can't imagine you getting anything but the warmest welcome. PS. Don't forget to congratulate her as she just got engaged and now is totally on your journey with you. If you need anymore motivation then just look at this dreamy dress and the Veil that just makes everything so magical.


Anyway lets leave them staring into each others eyes and let's just pretend it was all real.

Hannah Wilkinson