Fancy something a little different?

A wedding website is still a relatively new and trendy way to announce and organise your wedding. You can choose to have a wedding website instead of traditional stationery or use it to enhance it.


What's so great about a wedding website?

  • Receive / Manage RSVPs. 

  • You can show off your engagement / honeymoon photos.

  • You can include room prices and a list of who is in what room so everyone can find each other.

  • Include your story if you're feeling romantic!

  • And most importantly WHEN and WHERE!

  • A custom domain eg. *ooo fancy*

  • Save money by not printing or posting.

  • Everything is in one place for you and your guests.

  • Allows you to create / manage your registry and let guests contribute.

  • It is perfect for a destination wedding as you can add all of your arrangements.

  • Add maps & directions.

What's best for me?

Do I need stationery and a website or just a website? I have highlighted all of the important bits so you can decide what's best for your day or to justify why you *must must must have one* to your future husband?

Just a Website

It will save you the cost of stationery and postage costs.

If you do it this way you will have to announce the website via email or Facebook, which is fine is your more relaxed (or you can cheat a bit and send an announcement card with the website address on).

If you just fancy a website you may need to think about how many non-techies you have.  

Stationery + Website

You can still have Save the dates and Invitations but it will save the cost of additional stationery such as RSVP Cards, Details Cards etc as all of that information can be included on your website *also a lot less effort for the guests*.

You may want to include a physical map but you can add different more inclusive travel information on your website.


If you purchase a wedding website the cost and timeframe will depend on how detailed you want your website to be.

The Technical Bit.

I use Squarespace to create your website and I will manage any website issues for you. If any tweaks need making as time goes on that is not a problem.


A wedding website starts at £200 and if you are also purchasing stationery £150 but this will be limited to 3 pages.


I can match the website to your stationery choice or colour theme. If you already have your invites I am still happy to make you a website.


You will get two chances to view and make revisions to your choice. Once your website is ready you will get a final chance to proof it.